CFT100 Club 2024

Four Conferences for $900

CFT100 2024

CFT 100 Club Membership is an excellent opportunity for Unions, FOOLS Groups, Individuals, and Training Divisions to send different four different people to four unique conferences.

Investment - $900

CFT100 2024 Includes:

4 Conferences

$1100 Investment (Books and lodging are not included)

Flexible Attendees- "Send Different People to each Conference"

1st Pick at Hotel Group Rates

1st Pick Track Selection

Free Hotel Parking 

Free Shuttle to and from The Pensacola Airport and The Hilton

CFT100 CLUB Information

  • All CFT CLUB Members get reserved seating at all four conferences. 
  • A Club member can gift any conference if they can not attend. 
  • A fire department can send a different person to each of the four conferences.  
  • Being a CFT CLUB member reserves your seat at all four conferences. This is like buying season seats/tickets to a sports team. Example: An individual or department can purchase a seat and send four different individuals to the four different conferences.

All four Conferences are held at The Hilton, Pensacola Beach, Florida.


Officer Development Program

January 15-19, 2024

This is a five day/40 Hour Officer Development Program designed for all Ranks from Firefighter to Chief. This is an incredible career opportunity to academically dive into the world of Strategy & Tactics to include Leadership. This program will take someone of any rank to a new level in the understanding of Fireground Size Up and Assigning/Deploying the proper tactics based on staffing & available resources. Time Delayed Tactics will be covered based on the large number of FDs that have limited staffing & resources. This program will also assist those that seek future promotion to any rank.

This is a 40 hour Officer Development Class and not a seminar/conference. Certificates will be issued at the end of the day on Friday.
Florida firefighters will receive 40 hours CEU credit from The Florida State Fire College. All certificates will be issued Friday afternoon.


Command Officer Boot Camp (COBC)

April 30 - May 2, 2024

COBC is a one of a kind family-friendly fire conference offering educational sessions on Leadership, Tactics, & Relationships. CF Tactics designed this program for someone who wants to increase their personal and professional motivation while creating an opportunity to elevate their career.

The topics cover Leadership, Tactics, and Relationships in Life and Marriage. COBC is ideal for all ranks of firefighters, fire officers, and their spouses to connect with colleagues and like-minded people.

Water On The Fire Conference 

"People Before Water"

August 27-29, 2024

Today’s fireground requires tactics that take today’s fire behavior, building construction, and response models into consideration. We must also use the UL studies, Firefighter Rescue Survey results, and civilian fire fatalities data to better deploy our local fire resources to meet life safety and property loss priorities. When smoke detectors fail, the fire service cannot fail. We are the last line of defense.

The fire service continues to rely on water as our primary means of extinguishment. Even though we have made tremendous advances in apparatus, bunker gear, and thermal imaging technology, WATER is still the most widely used and the most effective extinguishing agent at the majority of structure fires. Learn the most efficient fire extinguishment possibilities that can only be effective if you have a complete understanding of how to get WATER on the FIRE! 

The Pensacola Beach Fire Conference 

With "HROC Track"

December 5-7, 2024

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